About Uganda Cancer Fund

Uganda Cancer Fund (UCF) is a not for profit, Cancer Support Organization whose goal is reducing cancer morbidity and mortality and increasing cancer survivorship. UCF is a member of Uganda Cancer Society, Uganda Cancer Action Network and works in partnership with Uganda Cancer Institute and Ministry of Health Uganda to prevent cancer and care for cancer patients.

Our Vision

Accessible and equitable good quality cancer information and care services in Uganda.

Our Mission

To increase access to equitable good quality cancer information and care services to all Ugandans through strengthening the health system to increase cancer awareness, provide cancer screening, diagnosis, and treatment, social support services and carry out innovative cancer research to reduce cancer morbidity, mortality and increase cancer survivorship.

Our Goals

  • To contribute to reduction of cancer morbidity and mortality by 12% by 2021
  • To contribute to increasing cancer survivorship in Uganda by 15% by 2021

Our strategic objectives for 2017/18-2020/21

  • To support the design and implementation of public cancer awareness campaigns in Uganda
  • To strengthen capacity of public and private health facilities to screen, diagnose and treat cancer
  • To carry out research that informs good quality cancer prevention and treatment in Uganda
  • To support provision of social and material support to people diagnosed with cancer and their families
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